Hijack Excercise

Staged on our full-motion emergency evacuation simulator at the Emirates Training College, this is a 2-hour experience that you’re unlikely to forget in a hurry. Our expert training team have developed this scenario based on real historic events. It starts as you board the 'flight', and ends with the participation of the UAE Presidential Guard Special Forces team. In between, expect the unexpected!

K9 Explosive Demo

Come see Transguard Group’s K9 Handler Jericho and his partner Fox show the speed and efficiency of Explosive Detection Dogs for screening purposes. We can screen a pallet in as little as six seconds and have increased operational efficiency for some clients by as much as ten times while reducing operating costs.


Brain Hacks for AVSEC

Presented by NeuroPower

Author & renowned neuroscientist Prof. Peter Burow will bring you up to speed with emerging neuroscience insights to improve your AVSEC approach. Science now gives us a deeper understanding of the human brain and its perception of the world is based on pre-existing mental models and biases and external triggers that lead to a real or perceived sense of threat and security.

Cyber World and Securing Places of Mass Gathering (CYMASS)

Presented by Austability

This year the CYMASS workshop will attempt to unveil the true nature of the new threats by looking at the hottest topics emerging regarding cyber security and places of mass gathering: the dark web, insider threats, the ‘Internet of Things’, and the potential threats that come with them and best industry strategies that counter them.

Security Management System (SeMS)

Presented by Redline Assured Security Limited

Participants will be taken through the thought process and philosophy of SeMS, all the way to constructing a basic practical framework that can be used by the participant in their own operation.

Tailored by Redline’s own experiences of building, managing and operating SeMS on a worldwide basis, this workshop aims to break down the components of a viable SeMS so that the process is easily understood and implemented.

Places will be limited and in heavy demand, please book your place early via this form. We look forward to your participation.

Confusion, Complexity and Communications: Preparing for an actual crisis event

Presented by ISRM

This worksop will look at some of the fundamental issues that are critical to any crisis management programme, and which can be used to audit and benchmark current practices as well as identify areas where corrective measures need to be taken.

Grounded in global case studies and best practices, this programme will give participants an opportunity to discuss issues, explore options and share experiences with fellow professionals facing many of the same challenges, whatever aspect of Aviation Security they’re involved in.

Behavioural Analysis Workshop

Presented by Green Light Ltd

Now a recommended practice within Annex 17, behavioural analysis is regarded as an important element of the security web.

Protecting airports and airlines from acts of unlawful interference by utilising non-racial profiling we can identify and address other criminal activities.

Philip Baum will be explaining how T.R.A.P. (Tactical Risk Assessment of People) can enhance your security regime without having a negative impact on passenger throughput or experience.

In-Flight Security Workshop

Presented by Emirates Group Security

Unruly behaviour in-flight is not a new phenomenon to aviation but much has changed since the law we use to combat it, the Tokyo Convention was introduced in 1963. As the industry awaits a major update (MP14) to these laws, what are some of the main concerns facing airlines and airports now and how can we be more effective with both prevention and management. Discussion points will include alcohol intoxication, behavioural trends, reporting methods and an update from IATA on MP14. The session will culminate with a demonstration of Advanced Restraint Techniques (ART) part of the standard security training programme for all Emirates cabin crew.

Mitigating Risk to Airport Operations

Presented by Sapien Cyber and Emirates Group

Join Glenn Murray, CEO at Sapien Cyber, to explore the latest trends in OT cyber security and examine the issue of cyber risk specific to Airport operations. In this workshop we will discuss how the convergence between digital and physical devices have caused business risks to OT infrastructure and how automated operations which rely on operational technology (OT) are extremely exposed. Highlighting the necessity of a defence in depth approach, which includes a combination of technology and human expertise.

Lastly, what organisations should be focussing on to mitigate their risk and the type of solutions that can immediately alleviate their cyber security capability through unparalleled enterprise wide visibility, unprecedented threat detection and expert guided response.

Additionally, Thomas Heuckeroth - Head of CyberSecurity for the Emirates Group - will speak about the conversion from traditional IT or CyberSecurity into the field of operations. He will explain why it is necessary to rethink about CyberSecurity being an IT topic only and show a conceptual view of what can be done and why.

Situational Awareness & Real-Time Decision Making at the Emirates Security Command & Control Centre

Presented by Cyviz

The modern control room is helping organisations to achieve situational awareness through large-scale visualization spaces and collaborative tools. Operators and supervisors need a highly immersive, state-of-the-art space that enables real-time decision-making to manage any crisis and deliver extensive monitoring for the entire security operation.

The workshop will cover:


  • How interconnectivity between rooms, remote specialists and resources can be done with minimal effort.
  • How operators can apply predefined scenarios to swiftly shift from monitoring to resolving a situation.
  • How a traditional Command & Control environments can become collaborative workspaces and support cross-disciplinary functions.
  • How real-time monitoring of a broad range of areas connected to aviation security can be delivered with advanced display technology.
  • How to build a solution with outstanding robustness and stability for mission-critical environments with 24x7 operations.

We will also organise a site visit to the Main Command & Control Centre at Dubai Airport, where you will be able to experience a real-life environment that was recently taken in operation. This is a unique opportunity that has limited spaces and you will need to register to attend.

Active Shooter Workshop

Presented by FBI & Emirates Contingency Response

This interactive workshop will focus on the initial response to this type of emergency and the potential challenges in getting first responders to the scene.

With audio & visual footage from previous incidents, we will show how airlines, airports and emergency services can work together in minimising the impact of such an attack and getting the airport operational again.

Collaborative Approach to Crisis Management

Presented by MedAire

Today’s global dynamics, security situations and socioeconomic uncertainties have a direct impact on geopolitical stability. These issues can manifest themselves through civil unrest and internal conflict; something that can have detrimental consequences on the aviation community and, to a greater degree, have direct impact on the aviation ecosystem as a whole.

MedAire and International SOS will lead a real-life scenario, often experienced by the aviation community across the world, to take the group through an example of a city suffering from civil unrest and internal conflict. The scenario will examine the impact on the city, airport operations, airline’s ground and aircrew, airline’s city office, ground transportation, airport operator, airport security service providers, security intelligence providers and the national security forces. The scenario will further highlight the need for a collaborative and coherent approach by all involved in crisis management.