Corporate Social Responsibility

EGS Participation Give a Ghaf

DUBAI, U.A.E., 27 April 2019: The ghaf tree – a symbol of strength and resilience and the UAE’s national tree – plays an important role in the country’s indigenous flora, and we’re doing our part to protect this species.

As directed by EGS-VP, FAU team has participated in “Give a Ghaf” event held on 27th Apr 2019 at Meydan Heights villa compound.

The event started at 0910hrs and it was participated by 50 occupants with 130 Gaff trees planted within the premises.

The event was initiated by EK International and Government Affairs Dept. in partnership with Goumbook Tree Planting Programme.

The event aims to raise awareness about the importance of conserving the living desert with a specific focus on the Ghaf tree. The Ghaf is a drought tolerant, evergreen tree which can withstand harsh desert environments and can be used for greening purposes whilst saving water.

Four TG staffs were involved in the event to facilitate invitees and contractors access as well as participation in planting the trees.