Corporate Social Responsibility

Wellness & Health Fair

DUBAI, U.A.E., 22, 24, 29 April & 1 May 2019: A journey through your Mind -Body -Spirit, Emirates Group Security (EGS) together with Employee Assistance Program (EAP) team, facilitated a 3-hour, 4-day Wellbeing Workshop/Training, which was directed to promoting healthy living and lifestyle to all EGS and Transguard Group LLC (TG) employees. On the first day, EGS and TG staff were given a presentation on Mental Fitness and Nutritional and thereafter, for the rest of the days, they were engaged to activities which included colouring, painting and planting of seeds. Staff who engaged in colouring and painting were subjected to creativity which was considered as a way of reducing stress and anxiety. Colouring and painting engage the thoughts to focus on a simple activity which tend to relax the brain. There was also an activity of planting, whereby the staff were asked to plant seeds in a pot and thereafter look after those seeds by watering them EVERYDAY until they germinate into a plant. This activity aids in taking some time off the normal office work duties and engage in an activity that will relax the brain for a few minutes before they resume to their duties once again.

EGS also sold Fly Emirates T-Shirts at 18aed each, which was donated towards charity. Staff then enjoyed a healthy light snack and beverages each day after the activities.

“The program emphasises not only on physical health but wholesome approach to healthy living which includes mental (destressing activities/exercises). The 3 separate events received good response from our staff and we ought to have a consistent health related activities like football, table tennis, badminton tournaments as follow up.” said Zack Zainal -SVP EGS

Below are a few tips of ways to stay mindful throughout your day.

  1. TAKE A BREATH - Close your eyes while your breathe and follow each breath in and out of your body.
  2. LEARN TO FOCUS - Stop wearing that ‘multi-tasker’ badge of honour and let yourself focus on one task at a time.
  3. SLOW DOWN - There’s no need to do everything on a high speed! It leads to high stress levels and more mistakes.
  4. LET GO OF EMOTIONS – Recognise the emotion, acknowledge it without engaging and watch it pass by.
  5. JUST STOP – Sit for a moment and just be.
  6. CONNECT WITH NATURE – Get outside and feel the sun on your skin or the wind in your hair.
  7. EAT WELL – Give yourself some space around each meal to enjoy your food and rest.
  8. RE-SET BREAKS – Build a couple of re-set breaks into your day to check in with yourself and let go of any issues.
  9. RELEASE – Listen out for the moments when judgement rears its head. Acknowledge them and let them pass by.
  10. CONNECT WITH YOUR SENSES – Experience a moment through each primary sense; stop and focus on everything one sense at a time.