Corporate Social Responsibility

Ramadan Volunteer ’Give the Gift of Iftar’

DUBAI, U.A.E., 18 May 2019: Ramadan is holy month for humility and compassion. The holy month is filled with opportunities to make the world a better place and is observed so as to remind people of the suffering of the less fortunate and to come closer to God. As Ramadan month begins, people wish each other by saying “Ramadan Mubarak”, which translates to have a “BLESSED RAMADAN” while “Ramadan Kareem” translates to have a “GENEROUS RAMADAN”.

During the holy month of Ramadan, on the 18th and 25th May 2019, between to 5.30pm, Emirates Group Security (EGS) and Emirates Transguard (EKTG) female staff, regardless of the religion, volunteered in distributing meal packs containing biryani, laban drink, dates & fruit to the Juma Al Majid and Emrill female employees who reside in the labour camps accommodation. “The staff at EGS and Transguard Group are committed to giving back to the society. It is a great blessing to see the non-Muslim staff joining hands and extending these generous act of humanitarian. I would like to see these acts more often, because continuing on that same path of performing charitable deeds, will make a difference,” said Dr. Abdulla Al Hashimi, DSVP, EGS

Some of the ladies who participated in distributing meals at the labour camps had this to say:

Marivel Ugaddan - Security Officer: “Doing something that will directly or indirectly help people will be enough of an accomplishment for me. I feel good when I give back to others and makes a positive impact on their lives.”

Reenji Lama - Security Officer: “I believe that it is an opportunity from God, therefore we should take any kind of opportunity to help others directly or indirectly. Other point is I feel good and it is for our happiness and I also believe that we as human, we should give some contribution to this society.”

Kanthi Korale - Security Coordinator: I always believe that “what I made to live is what I get to live”, therefore I always want to be compassionate, unselfish, caring and loving to others the way I can. With that thought, though there was nothing much to do, the smallest volunteering act of the Iftar food distribution made me feel Blissful.

Akhila Parambath - Office Assistant: “I felt very proud to take part in such an event, which helped us to spread smiles on the faces of hundreds of people. The experience from such a divine initiation which truly holds the spirit of Ramadan was wonderful, which in turn help us to strengthen the sense of love, care and compassion among the people in the society.”