Corporate Social Responsibility

live a more sustainable life

DUBAI, U.A.E., 5 June 2019: From retailers to hotels, to airlines and restaurants, it’s the topic everyone’s talking about: how can we reduce our environmental impact, Sometimes when we think about the bigger picture, it can be overwhelming, but as we approach World Environment Day (5 June) and World Ocean’s Day (8 June), we can start making some small changes in our everyday lives.

Here’s a few ideas to help you get started based on the 8 ‘R’s:

  1. Rethink
    • It is up to you to start thinking about what you buy, why you buy it and how you dispose of it.
    • Rethink areas of your life where you can make a difference. For example the way you shop and the way you cook and eat.
  2. Refuse and reject
    • Refuse disposable plastics. Say no to plastic cutlery with your food order and plastic bags in the supermarket.
    • Reject: don’t buy things you don’t need.
  3. Reduce
    • Look for products that use less packaging, or buy in bulk.
    • Only take what you need. When you’re eating out, take one napkin rather than five and decide on whether you really need that straw. Don’t take more food than you can eat. You can always go back for more!
    • Make a meal plan and only buy the groceries that you know you will eat.
    • Share toys, CDs, and books with friends.
  4. Reuse
    • Shop second hand items from dubizzle, ebay, charity shops, carboot sales and neighbourhood Facebook groups.
    • Carry your own reusable bag in the car or in your handbag.
    • Borrow, rent or share items that are used infrequently, like party decorations, tools or furniture.
    • Use washable cloth napkins, sponges and dish cloths.
    • Donate your unwanted clothes and linens to clothes banks and charities.
  5. Replace
    • Use durable items and say no to disposable items.
    • Invest in a reusable water bottle and travel mug and bring your own cutlery and Tupperware to work.
    • Choose environmentally friendly households items, cleaning products and toiletries. Or even try making your own!
  6. Remake/repurpose
    • If you do have to buy a plastic water bottle, use it again or craft it into something else like a bird feeder, a plant pot, or a music shaker.
    • Get crafty and upcycle old furniture.
  7. Repair
    • Repair rather than discard. The next time an appliance stops working or a button comes off your shirt, check if it’s fixable before you go out and buy something new.
    • Ask yourself “How can I fix this?” rather than “How do I get a new one?”
  8. Recycle
  9. Most of us have now got recycling options available in our homes and communities. Visit your local council or community Facebook page or website to find out what’s available to you and make a conscious effort to never throw away the things you can recycle. If you’re based at EGHQ, remember there are now more recycling options than ever:
    • Dry waste recycling bins
    • You can now recycle plastic, paper, cardboard and more in the new blue and green bins located in your office. Find out more about what can and can’t be recycled here .
    • e-waste
    • Take your unwanted personal electronic devices, batteries, light bulbs, CDs, ink and toner cartridges and more to the eWaste recycling box located next to the security reception on the second floor, A side.
    • Reverse Vending Machine
    • Each time you recycle plastic bottles and aluminium cans in the Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) on the seventh floor you stand a chance to win prizes. Find out how you can recycle and win here.
    • Donation boxes
    • You can reduce your food waste by using the food drop boxes in the large pantries on each floor. Click here for more information. During Ramadan you can also donate your unwanted clothes in the boxes set up in the EGHQ atrium on the A and B side.

We want to hear from you…
What steps are you taking in your everyday life to be more environmentally conscious? Maybe it’s as simple as bringing your own mug and refillable water bottle to work, or refusing plastic carrier bags in the supermarket. Share your stories, tips and pictures on Yammer using #EGrecycles by 30 June and you could win a hamper of goodies. And if you spot any smart environmental initiatives around you, please share them too.
For general questions or support on recycling or sustainability, email:
As a Group we’re working on a number of initiatives to reduce our environmental impact. Stay tuned to groupworld, Safar and Yammer to find out more in the coming weeks.