Emirates hosts Cargo Security course

March 28, 2011, Emirates has hosted a successful aviation security course for professionals in the area of cargo security, continuing its drive to establish Dubai as a centre for aviation security training in the Middle East.

Organized by the centre of Security and Aviation studies (CASS), run by Emirates' Group Security department, the four-day course on Cargo security Management at the Emirates Aviation College was jointly organized with Edith Cowan University.

Nearly 30 security and aviation security professionals, from 10 different countries, Portugal, Ghana, Lebanon, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Philippines, Australia and the United Arab Emirates attended the course which dealt with challenges in the cargo security and the latest security threats emerging in this era.

Emirates' Group Security Divisional Senior Vice President, Dr Abdulla Al Hashimi, commented: "The business of transporting air cargo around the world is vital to all economies. Air cargo security measures have been under close scrutiny of late and its impact on passenger aircraft. While several solutions have been considered, none more so important than the aspect of human factor. This forms the back bone of any security regime. This course is specially designed to deal with the latest concerns and philosophy in cargo security and in tandem the role of human intervention."

The participants received certificates from CASS, which is also recognized by Edith Cowan University as part of the jointly run University Diploma in Aviation Security Management which has been part of EGS' security Education curriculum since 2003.

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