Kuwaiti Delegates welcomed at Emirates Aviation College

Dubai, UAE, 25 May 2017: Emirates Group Security hosted the Kuwaiti delegates from General Department of Civil Aviation (GDCA), Mr. Shaheen Mohamed Al-Ghanim and Mr. Jaraah Rikab Al Dafari, along with the representatives from General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) from UAE, Mr. Saif Al Mahiri and Mr. Hamad Rashed. Delegates visited the training facilities of Emirates Aviation College and Emirates Group Security.

During the visit the guests had a chance to familiarize themselves with the training portfolio of Emirates Group Security as well as the Centre of Aviation Studies (CASS). This included aircrew and ground training programmes, fire safety training, first aid training and private security guards training. The guests were shown the full motion and static aircraft simulators used during the cabin crew and flight crew training as well as for the hijack exercises conducted by Emirates Group Security. Other highlights included the self-defence and fire training facilities.

EGS/CASS along with its partners is committed to providing high quality training & education services, employing industry best practices, ensuring the very highest standards for our customers.