Security Is Everybody's Business

Dubai, UAE, 24th May 2016: In view of the Global Security landscape, Group Security has been tasked by Senior Management to equip our senior staff across the network in our efforts to protect our operation and interests. This is the first ever course of this nature that been conducted by Group Security. The course is designed for those in managerial roles in particular Airport Services Manager (ASM) and Cargo Manager (CM). It is jointly developed by Group Security and Edith Cowan University through the Centre of Aviation Security Studies department.

It is in this regard that Emirates Group Security has approached the issue heads on by developing and organizing a special 2-day training session for EK’s ASMs and Cargo Managers aiming to strengthen the knowledge and update of the current security challenges and the latest threats in civil aviation

The inaugural session was attended by 52 CMs/ASMs from Middle East, Asian and African stations and was opened by EVP/COO Adel Al Redha EVP and COO on 24th May 2016 .

Group Security will continue to run a few more sessions for the course to cater for the other managers that were not able to join in the inaugural program. To date 48 ASMs and 31 CMs have attended this specially tailored course. While the content of materials meets the approval of the General Civil Aviation Authority in the U.A.E. but EGS has far exceeded the baseline requirements outlined in the National Civil Aviation Security Training Program (NCASTP).