Emirates Group Security has been instrumental in ensuring that our customers, people and business stay safe during the COVID-19 outbreak

Dubai, UAE, 11 June 2020: Emirates Group Security (EGS) has been on the frontline of our COVID-19 response, rapidly addressing the changing safety needs to protect our customers and colleagues. Zack Zainal, SVP Group Security, explained: “When the pandemic broke out, our immediate priority was to ensure the security and safety of customers, colleagues and assets. We formed a working group of managers who were tasked with conducting field meetings and daily assessments to agree, implement and verify new measures.

“We conducted risk assessments on all Emirates and dnata facilities, staff accommodation and airport operations, and redeployed employees and resources where they were needed most. Working closely with HR and respective stakeholders, we installed advanced thermal screening equipment and handheld temperature sensors across our facilities, crew check-in and arrivals, and the airport. Our security teams were trained on how to use them and the steps to take when high temperature readings were observed.”


Zack said: “Procuring the equipment was a challenge for us in the beginning. However, we quickly adopted and adapted to the required technology with support from within the Group. Procurement & Logistics stepped in to assist EGS in getting the required thermal scanners, while Transguard procured advanced thermal scanners with face recognition for us.” During the passenger service suspension, Group Security also worked with our stakeholders at DXB to plan and implement new security measures in the terminals, flight catering facilities and cargo warehouses, on the ramp and in the aircraft, to ensure we were prepared when operations restarted. When our training college closed, Group Security’s aircrew training team swung into action and worked with Cabin Crew Training and Learning & Talent to roll-out of distance learning modules on aviation security (AVSEC). Zack added: “Our teams developed a robust schedule of online webinars on the resumption of passenger travel and AVSEC. These were rolled out at the start crew can book an available slot and keep up with new developments and meet the current requirements of the General Civil Aviation Authority. The webinars can accommodate up to 40 attendees at a time, so our trainers have had to upskill rapidly to be able to deliver this remote learning effectively.”


Although most of Group Security’s support teams have been working from home during the crisis, EGS has continued to operate from its high-tech command centre, where physical distancing, sanitisation and hygiene standards have been strictly maintained. Zack added: “This has enabled us to continue providing the highest levels of security across our business while implementing and consistently monitoring additional security and health measures associated with COVID-19 prevention and management.”


With passenger flights restarting, EGS is working with Emirates Airport Services (EKAS) to ensure that mandated safety measures in place are being strictly adhered to. Zack said: “For our resumed passenger flights, we’re ensuring more stringent access control at the airport entrance, queue management, social distancing and, if needed, conflict resolution with disruptive customers. Our training teams are working with all our stakeholders to ensure compliance — by customers and colleagues — with COVID-19 protocols so that every flight is safe and secure for all involved.”

At the ground level, EGS has been working closely with EKAS, Dubai Airports and Dubai Police to manage transit arrivals and departures. A thermal archway body temperature screening system, manned and managed by EGS colleagues, has been set up at the transit area. EGS colleagues are also monitoring the adherence to safety guidelines at the airport.


To ensure that EGS colleagues are prepared to tackle new challenges that may arise in these unprecedented times, the Training Watch how EGS is helping keep our customers and colleagues safe throughout our business and operations team invited international speakers (including those from other airports, Airport Council International, IATA) to host a series of free webinars on a topics, including crisis management, aviation security post-COVID-19 and developing mental resilience. This has ensured that EGS is ready and able to support colleagues, as they gradually return to work.