Thwarting illegal immigration – Emirates Group Security Honoured by New Zealand

Dubai, July 2016: A world-class education system and a relaxed environment make New Zealand a popular choice for migrants. However, it also means that this island nation is at a greater risk of having immigrants settle illegally.

This is why group security stepped up its efforts to ensure that travellers to New Zealand on our flights have all necessary documents. This task falls to our highly trained Document examiners, who scrutinise travel documents of every customer prior to boarding the aircraft.

Dr. Abdulla Al Hashimi, DSVP Group Security, said: “Our security professionals go through elaborate training programmes related to document examination and customer profiling throughout the year. Our 100% success rate on arrests has prevented the dilution of our revenue related to fines imposed by the New Zealand government on airlines.”

These efforts have paid off – Group security was presented with an award by the department of immigration New Zealand recently.

Al Hashimi said: “as well as meeting best practices in aviation security, it’s essential that we work hand-in-hand with law enforcement agencies to combat illegal immigration. By raising the barriers, we avoid fines imposed by certain countries on the transportation of improperly documented customers.”