Airport Document Verification

The Airport Document Verification team's main goal is to protect the aviation industry from forged or fraudulently obtained travel documents being used by illegal travellers and as a result, save airlines from hefty fines.

Our highly professional personnel are well trained and are updated continuously with the latest rules and regulations. The team has been awarded approved gate check status by UK Immigration and has received several other commendations and awards from other immigration and border control authorities, including Australia, Canada and the United States. Currently, the team provides document verification services to Emirates and other airlines operating from Dubai International Airport.

The Airport Document Verification team's main responsibilities are:

  • Passport and visa fraud prevention
  • Profiling and document check (for Emirates and other airlines)
  • Inadmissible handling (including interception and investigation)
  • Deportee handling (including interception and investigation)
  • Providing training in specialised documents for airline and airport staff