Cargo & Aircraft Protection

Our Cargo and Aircraft Protection division plays a vital role in ensuring that we meet the international standards for aviation security that have been established to protect and ensure the integrity of cargo and aircraft coming in and out of Dubai International Airport. This team also safeguards Emirates and Dnata's various cargo storage facilities and entities within and around the airport. Through this team, Emirates Group Security became the first aviation security organisation in the (MEA)Middle East Airline region to be TAPA certified.

The Cargo and Aircraft Protection team's main responsibilities are as outlined below:


Aircraft and ground surveillance, access control, on-board check, check-in vigilance, baggage monitoring and escorting, boarding gate hand carry checks and selected Passenger handling.


Guarding, controlling the access of unauthorised personnel and monitoring the activities and movements of staff and other individuals to pre-empt nefarious acts detrimental to the safety and security of the facility and its premises.


Screening and forwarding AOG spares, forwarding mishandled baggage containing valuable items, physically checking and waiving the cooling period of EK cargo that need to be forwarded urgently, monitoring and escorting EK vulnerable (VUN) cargo coming in and going out of Dubai, monitoring the build up and breakdown of all cargo stored in all EK - Emirates/DN - Dnata facilities and escorting DEPO/INAD passengers.

Dubai Duty Free Shops

Monitoring movements of passengers and staff in DDF - Dubai Duty Free shops on the concourse and apprehending shoplifters.