Aviation Security Operation

The Aviation Security Operation team covers all aspects of the aviation security environment at an international, national and airline level. It ensures that our security program meets the standards set by authorities such as ICAO's Annex 17, Doc 8973, IATA requirements, and those set by other relevant international bodies such as TSA, EU, DOTARS and DFT.

The Aviation Security Operation team's main responsibilities are:

  • Safeguarding Emirates' operations against unlawful interference
  • Developing and implementing security measures and procedures across our network
  • Keeping the Emirates security program up-to-date with industry regulations, standards and recommended practices
  • Risk assessment and threat analysis of stations across our network
  • Liaising with GCAA, DCA, TSA, EU, ECAC, BCAS, DOTARS, DFT and other relevant authorities
  • Security control, assessment and analysis of deportees, inadmissible cases and escorted prisoners, and processing the acceptance of DEPOs, INADs and AVRs
  • Emergency procedures and crisis management