Aircrew Training

The Aircrew Training unit of Emirates Group Security conducts GCAA-approved security courses for flight and cabin crew for both Emirates and third party clients. From online learning and evac-simulator to classroom and self-defense facilities, security training for aircrew is designed to enhance the knowledge and awareness amongst 'last line of defense' staff members. Aiming above and beyond regulatory requirements, our experienced and knowledgeable trainers facilitate "Brain-Friendly-Learning" sessions that engage pilots and cabin crew in group work, thus encouraging participation and the sharing of ideas and experiences. The focus is on their security role on ground and in flight, which results in more responsible crew members who are more likely to prevent acts of unlawful interference.

Main topics include:

  • Prevention of Hijacking
  • Prevention of Sabotage
  • Dealing with Unruly Behavior
  • Performing Security Checks
  • Personal Security