Nomination Form for
The International Awards of Excellence in Aviation Security 2019

Award Categories (please tick the appropriate boxes)

AVSEC Senior Professional of the Year
  • An AVSEC professional or personality who really stood out this year and left a positive impact with their strong leadership.
  • Accomplished an outstanding achievement as a senior professional.
  • Contributed to the success of their company or organisation.
  • Increased visibility of security initiatives and established collaborations.
  • Made a strategic contribution to the organisations performance, communication and vision.
AVSEC Staff Member of the Year
  • An AVSEC practitioner who performs day-to-day operations and not in a managerial position.
  • A member of staff who deserves to be recognised for going the extra mile.
  • 5+ years’ experience in the aviation security field.
  • Made significant contributions to the field of aviation security.
  • Has a very good understanding of airport operations.
Training Organisation of the Year
  • An organisation or entity that offers the best AVSEC training or education service.
  • Develops regional and strategic training initiatives.
  • Improved AVSEC personnel and performance in a demonstrative way through training and education.
  • Clearly understands the evolution of learning.
Trainer of the Year
  • A particular AVSEC trainer who stood out and made a difference.
  • Demonstrated higher quality training.
  • Shows outstanding performance as a trainer.
  • Contributed to the wider aviation sector and community relevant to AVSEC.
  • Has increased productivity
Organisation of the Year
  • An organisation that has promoted a culture of collaboration and implemented best practices in the AVSEC Industry.
  • An organisation that has accomplished outstanding work in AVSEC and could be a thoughtful leader in its area of expertise.
Team of the Year
  • Recognises the importance of teamwork to achieve aviation security.
  • A team that has worked cohesively and achieved positive operational or people results for the organisation and made an impact on the industry.

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Please send any additional supporting documentation for your nomination to by the closing date 31 July 2019, with subject line: Category Title_Nominee Name_Country.

Important Notes:
• Employees or teams within Emirates Group Security and Transguard Group are ineligible for nomination
• Nominations will not be accepted after the closing date